24 Hour Expert Mold Removal Services Indianapolis And Surrounding Areas

We are your company for mold removal services. Mold is commonplace in many homes and businesses, but it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Restoration 1 in Indianapolis offers mold remediation services guaranteed to rid your home of its mold problem. Our process involves completely removing the growth, then sanitizing the area to prevent further infestation. We also take steps to ensure that it doesn’t return to the area anytime soon.

Mold removal

At Restoration 1 of Greater Indianapolis, we have the expertise and tools necessary to handle even the most severe mold issues, including black mold. This specific type of mold can pose a serious threat to human health if inhaled, which is why it’s essential to eliminate it from your home. Your health and well-being are our top priorities. Don’t let mold take hold and harm your health, contact Restoration 1 of Greater Indianapolis today for prompt mold remediation services. (317) 203-8495

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