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How Much Does Water Damage Restoration Cost?

Water damage, whether from a burst pipe, windstorm, or overflowing toilet, strikes fear in the heart of any property owner. When water damage occurs, removing water from a property and restoring it to pre-loss condition comes at a cost. The cost of water damage restoration Indianapolis can vary based on a number of factors.

Regardless of the cause of water damage, property owners must act quickly to prevent structural damage and mold. The average water damage restoration cost ranges between $1,300 and $5,900. Water damage restoration in Indianapolis costs between $2,700 and $14,730. 

This post will help you feel more prepared when budgeting for water damage cleanup, especially if you live in an area prone to hurricanes, storms, and other harsh weather events. Check the National Weather Service for updates on inclement weather in our area.

Calculating Water Damage Restoration Charges 

Restoring water damage rarely comes cheap. The average cost of water damage restoration typically depends on the severity of the damage, the size of the affected area, and any necessary repairs. Additional factors influencing the cost include emergency callout fees and the presence of mold growth.  

The following are some factors to keep in mind when estimating the average cost of water damage restoration:

Damage Category 

The cost to restore water damage ranges between $3 and $7.5 per square foot. The cost primarily depends on the type of water, the root cause, and the extent of the damage.  

Water damage falls into three categories that identify the level of cleanliness or contamination in water resulting from a leak or flood:

  • – Category 1: Clean water (costs about $3.50 per square foot to restore) 
  • – Category 2: Gray water (costs about $5.25 per square foot to restore) 
  • – Category3: Black water (costs about $7.50 per square foot to restore) 

Only licensed water damage restoration experts can categorize water damage, helping you determine the water damage restoration cost. 

Damage Class 

The pricing for water damage recovery also depends on the class or extent of the damage as outlined below, with the water damage restoration cost rising accordingly from Class 1 through Class 4:

  • – Class 1: Minimal damage (small faucet leak or damp carpet) 
  • – Class 2: Entire room damage (entire room filled with water up to at least one foot) 
  • – Class 3: Saturation (floors, walls, ceilings, and possibly subflooring and insulation saturated with moisture) 
  • – Class 4: Long-standing water damage (damage from long-standing water, like a storm surge or river flooding, where water may saturate brick, stone, or hardwood) 

Damage Location 

The location of the damage also affects the water damage restoration cost per square foot. For example, expect to pay about $1,100 for roof repair and between $450 and $1,600 to fix a damaged ceiling.  

Fixing a water-damaged drywall should cost about $550 on average, while fixing a burst pipe and the resulting damage should cost between $1,000 and $4,000. 

When doing a restoration cost estimation based on location, remember that the average water damage restoration cost per square foot also depends on the type, class, and category of water damage. 

Damage Type 

Water can cause several types of damage. Restoration companies typically break water damage into: 

  • – Cosmetic damage 
  • – Electrical damage 
  • – Damage to or replacement of personal items 
  • – Mold growth 
  • – Structural damage 

Each type of damage will have varying costs. For example, the cost to repair or replace personal items will depend on the type of belongings affected. 

Geographic Location 

Water damage restoration costs vary across the country. For example, Indianapolis has an average restoration cost of about $8,046. Los Angeles has a much lower average restoration cost of $2,750, while Boise, Idaho, residents will pay about $10,730 for water damage restoration.  

Labor Costs 

The labor costs to restore a water-damaged property vary widely. The total cost will depend on the type of repair needed. Most water damage restoration companies charge between $70 and $200 per hour. 

Additional Costs and Considerations 

Keep the following additional factors in mind when calculating water damage restoration prices: 

Mold Removal and Restoration 

Removing mold costs about $2,225 on average, depending on the surface, material, and moisture levels.  

Water Damage Repair Expenses 

While not all water damage restoration projects need repairs, total costs can rise when water damages various components, materials, and fixtures. 

Emergency Fees 

Water may damage your property at any time. If your restoration requires an emergency callout, expect to pay a premium. The specific fees will depend on the extent of the emergency and the company’s policies. 

Professional Water Damage Restoration 

Don’t entrust your financial investment in water damage restoration to just anyone. Count on us at Restoration 1 of Greater Indianapolis for professional water damage restoration services. Call (317) 203-8495 or fill out our online contact form on our website to get a free quote or for help determining your water damage restoration cost.