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Mold damage is a silent threat as it can sit unnoticed for a long time. Mold is a health and safety hazard, so if you suspect any mold growth in your Indianapolis property, you should look for mold removal Indianapolis services as soon as possible.

Restoration 1 of Greater Indianapolis is the number one provider of mold removal services in Indianapolis. We restore your home to a 100% mold-free environment quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to discuss mold removal in Indianapolis!

Indianapolis Mold Remediation - Your Path to a Mold-Free Environment

Mold thrives in dark and moist areas of your home, which can make it difficult to fully remove. Specifically, mold likes to collect in closets, crawl spaces, attics, bathrooms, and kitchens. We use advanced techniques and equipment to create a comprehensive approach to mold removal. Using advanced testing and monitoring equipment, we ensure that your home completely mold free.

Our Mold Remediation Process

Mold remediation takes place in four major steps:

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Assess the property

We perform an assessment to determine the extent of the mold damage

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Remove and restore damaged materials

We remove the mold-infected materials and mitigate the spread of mold spores.

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Dry, dehumidify, and sanitize the property

We clean, dry, and disinfect all affected surfaces.

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Provide the finishing touches and monitor the property

Last, we perform any final restoration touches and monitor the restoration work.

Why Trust Restoration 1 for Mold Removal in Indianapolis?

Restoration 1 of Greater Indianapolis has several years of experience with mold testing and removal in Indianapolis. We are local natives and understand the unique needs of Indianapolis homeowners. We also provide 24/7 Indianapolis mold abatement, so no matter when you have a problem, our emergency team can be there to provide professional mold cleanup in Indy. Trust us to provide thorough, safe remediation today.

Understanding Mold - Prevention and Safety Tips

Follow these tips to avoid mold problems: 

  • Locate and monitor problem areas, like underneath sinks and in bathrooms.
  • Clean wet spots and spills up quickly. 
  • Check your water meter to see if there are hidden leaks in your home
  • Consider investing in a dehumidifier if mold is a frequent problem
  • Hire a professional for expert mold inspection in Indianapolis at least once per year 




We Bill Insurances Directly

We Work With All Insurance Companies

If insurance is involved in your case, we will work directly with your insurance provider so that you don’t have to play the middleman. Our top priority is to take the burden off of you by restoring your home and handling the details.

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FAQs: Answers To Your Mold Removal Questions

Got some questions about mold removal? We’ve got answers.

  • What are the first signs of mold in a home or business?

    Most of the time, the first signs of mold are musty odors and small discolored spots on walls or ceilings.

  • How quickly can Restoration 1 respond to a mold discovery?

    We offer 24/7 emergency mold removal services, so we can assist you whenever you need help.

  • What does the mold remediation process involve?

    The mold remediation process involves removing damaged areas, mitigating the spread of mold, drying/dehumidifying moisture, and sanitizing surfaces to remove mold and algae spores.

  • How long does mold remediation typically take with Restoration 1?

    Severe cases of mold can take up to a week to fully remove.

  • Can Restoration 1 handle black mold and other toxic mold types?

    Yes, we handle all kinds of mold, including black mold and toxic mold.

  • Are the technicians at Restoration 1 certified for mold remediation services?

    All of our technicians receive substantial on-the-job training and hold all relevant certifications and licenses for mold removal.

  • Does Restoration 1 assist with mold damage insurance claims?

    Yes, we will work with your insurance company to get the mold remediation repairs you need.

  • What makes Restoration 1’s mold remediation services stand out in Indianapolis?

    We take a comprehensive approach to mold removal and use the latest techniques and technologies to get a deep and lasting clean.

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