Mold Removal & Remediation

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Restoration 1 of Greater Indianapolis takes mold removal seriously, and we know that prevention is key. Our 24-hour mold remediation services are designed to protect your family's health and well-being by preventing mold growth in your home after any water damage or high moisture event. Our comprehensive approach to mold remediation includes effectively removing all mold from your home, thoroughly sanitizing the affected areas, and preventing future infestations. We have the expertise and tools necessary to handle even the most severe mold issues, including black mold, which can pose a serious threat to human health. Don't let mold harm your family or home, contact Restoration 1 of Greater Indianapolis today for prompt and effective mold remediation services. (317) 468-9205

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Mold Removal & Remediation Services Include:

Restoration 1 of Greater Indianapolis is here to provide you with a comprehensive and effective mold removal and remediation process. Our team of experts starts with a thorough inspection to identify the extent of the mold growth and any underlying issues that caused it. We then contain the mold by using physical barriers and negative air pressure machines to create a controlled environment. Our team uses specialized equipment and techniques to safely and efficiently remove mold from affected areas while minimizing disruption to your home and belongings. After the visible mold is removed, we clean and sanitize the affected areas to eliminate any remaining mold spores and prevent future growth. Our mold remediation process also includes HVAC system cleaning and decontamination to prevent the spread of mold spores through your home's ventilation system. Finally, we identify and address the source of the mold problem to prevent it from recurring in the future. Contact us at (317) 468-9205 to schedule your mold remediation consultation and keep your home and family healthy.

We serve in and around Indianapolis, Greenfield, and New Palestine. If you want to see if we service your area, give us a call at (317) 468-9205