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A storm, burst pipe, or flood can leave devastation in its wake. Water can destroy belongings, lead to mold growth, and damage your home itself. Trying to move forward can sometimes feel overwhelming, and that’s why Restoration 1 of Greater Indianapolis is here to help. We offer water damage restoration in Indianapolis, providing prompt and effective service to help our clients restore their properties and get back on their feet.

Comprehensive Indianapolis Water Damage Restoration & Clean Up Services

Indianapolis water damage repair requires a comprehensive approach. It’s important to not simply dry out water-damaged areas, but also to restore or replace damaged property, remove mold, and take care of any hazardous materials.

Our water restoration services in Indianapolis aim to tackle every aspect of the problem to help you move forward. Using advanced technology and industry-proven methods, we will:

  • Drying and dehumidifying any affected areas

  • Remove any unsalvageable materials

  • Properly dispose of any hazardous substances

  • Restore and repair damaged areas

  • Assist with the mold removal process

Our Restoration Process

Our Indianapolis water damage remediation services utilize a tried-and-true process that allows us to completely restore your property:

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Assess the property

We can only provide you with the proper Indianapolis flood damage restoration services when we know the extent of the damage. We’ll take the time to examine the property, identify damaged areas, and make a plan of action to effectively address the issue.

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Remove and restore damaged materials

Once we’ve identified damaged areas, we’ll safely remove anything that’s too damaged to restore. In addition, we’ll take steps to fix what’s salvageable.

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Dry, dehumidify, and sanitize the property

Our experts will use advanced equipment to dehumidify affected areas, remove water, and dry flooring and furniture. We’ll even sanitize the area to reduce health risks to any occupants.

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Provide the finishing touches and monitor the property

We’ll make a final sweep of your property to ensure everything is restored and provide continuous monitoring for your peace of mind.

By getting damage restoration in Indianapolis from our crew, you can enjoy efficient, thorough service that will make your property look like new.

Why Choose Us As Your Water Damage Company Indianapolis?

Our local expertise allows us to provide prompt and professional service. Partner with us to enjoy same-day assistance, thorough work from certified professionals, and assistance from a company that’s trusted across the nation. Our community continues to choose us for the following reasons…

  • - 24/7 Emergency Response
  • - IICRC Certified Technicians
  • - Over 23 Years of Experience
  • - Insurance Pre-Approved

Tips For Preventing Future Water Damage In Indianapolis

To prevent future water damage:

  • - Watch for leaks
  • - Insulate pipes and make sure they don’t freeze
  • - Utilize a sump pump and make sure it works
  • - Watch for changes in your water bill




We Bill Insurances Directly

We Work With All Insurance Companies

If insurance is involved in your case, we will work directly with your insurance provider so that you don’t have to play the middleman. Our top priority is to take the burden off of you by restoring your home and handling the details.

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Indianapolis Water Damage Restoration FAQs

  • What immediate steps should be taken after water damage is discovered?

    Locate the source of the damage, if possible. If the damage is due to a leak or burst pipe, turn off the water main. Then, contact a professional for emergency water damage cleanup in Indy.

  • How quickly can Restoration 1 respond to a water damage emergency?

    We offer same-day Indianapolis flood damage restoration services, allowing us to respond to emergencies within 24 hours.

  • What is involved in the water damage restoration process?

    The process generally involves removing damaged materials, restoring what’s salvageable, and drying and sanitizing affected areas.

  • How long does it typically take to restore a property after water damage?

    It can take a few days to several weeks, depending on the damage.

  • Can you handle mold and mildew that result from water damage?

    Yes, our team can assist with mold damage restoration.

  • Are your technicians certified for water damage restoration services?

    Yes, our team is completely certified to provide expert water damage repair in Indianapolis.

  • Does Restoration 1 work with insurance companies for water damage claims?

    Yes, our experts work closely with all insurance companies for your peace of mind.

  • What sets your water damage restoration services apart from competitors in Indianapolis?

    We offer 24-hour emergency services, efficient work, and local expertise to ensure quality results.

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